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Hotel Zuetana
Calle 106 A No. 18 A -19, Bogota - Colombia
Skype: reservaszuetana, Whatsapp: +57 313 4990954
+57(1) 814 2828

Colombia world class destination in medical tourism

  • Turismo medico

Health tourism is an activity that has been taking great importance in Colombia because many people are coming from abroad to take medical and beauty treatments attracted by the quality of the medical services

the international accreditation of practitioners, mostly bilingual and the possibility of doing tourism in a tropical country known for the warmth of its people and its pleasant climate.

But this is not the only reason that attracts people mostly from the U.S. and Europe to practice health tourism in Colombia, according to Proexport compared with the United States, Colombia offers savings of between 60% and 70 % in medical treatments and surgeries including postoperative, cosmetic and specialized accommodation services for these patients.

For the quality of the medical professionals, the large number of health institutions and the huge inventory of attractions, natural and architectural,

  • Turismo medico 2

Colombia is recognized as a premier destination in Latin America in the health tourism field as per the World Health Organization (WHO). Bogota received 1.5 million people for medical tourism in 2011 corresponding to 20% of foreign visitors arriving in the city annually, positioning it as the largest city in Colombia to practice this kind of tourism.Therefore, health tourism in Colombia has been rated as world class, being the leader in chin and mammoplasty operations in Latin America,also it is recognized for treatments such as gastroenterology, orthopedics, dentistry, cardiology and cosmetics among the most important, including recovery and relaxation therapies that offer different spas and novel techniques like thalassotherapy, equine therapy, aromatherapy, mud therapy, hydrotherapy and music therapy among others.

In Zuetana we have the concept of ‘house - hotels’ allowing us to provide a personalized service to our guests, being an ideal choice for people who come to Bogota to practice medical treatments because we offer facilities during their postoperative recovery and our spacious and comfortable rooms. We offer services like a 24-hour nurse and special diet according to medical applications, while striving to make our guests feel at home and offering them the best attention and care they require.

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