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Venezuelans are traveling to Bogotá for the end of the year

  • Navidad Monserrate

In the last few years the flow of Venezuelans coming to Bogotá has increased because Bogota offers a large amount of possibilities to all who want to experience the tourism, shopping, rest, travel and get to know one of the biggest cities in Latin America. Bogotá has become a kind of ‘Miami’ to Venezuelans, it is a paradise for shopping, parties and tourism.

We would like to let our Venezuelan friends know that Bogotá offers you the best entertainment and touristic places. Visit the Zona T where you will find the best bars, restaurants and cafes in the city. The Christmas lights, which are turned on from November onwards, are worthy of such a great metropolis and a fantastic sight to be seen. Go shopping in the most recognized malls of Bogotá such as; Unicentro, Centro Comercial Santafé, Centro Comercial El Retiro, Centro Comercial Centro Chía, where you can find a massive variety of brands at great prices. The Centro Chía mall has one of the most representative restaurants of the country in Andrés Carne de Res, where you can enjoy the best Colombian cuisine and parties. Also you need to visit the old town of Candelaria, where you will find most of the museums in the city, including; the Museo del Oro, Museo de la esmeralda and Museo Botero alongside other tourist attractions such as Cerro de Monserrate which commands the best panoramic views of the city. Also Bogotá has special activities scheduled for the end of the year like the Christmas route which you can walk along and see how beautiful the city looks with the lights on and also pass by the most typical places in Bogotá.

Christmas is a time to share with family, to be happy and enjoy your time with the people you love. That’s why Zuetana is the best option for lodging in Bogotá for the Venezuelans because you are not only treated like you were at home, you are actually going to feel at home! We have designed a special plan for the Venezuelans called plan Venezuela, where you can pay for your lodging and other expenses in the hotel with Bolivares without using your cadivi quota, so you will be able to spend it on whatever you want!

Bogotá and Casa Hoteles Zuetana are waiting for you to enjoy the end of 2013 full of comfort and the best plans for your holidays. Find out more about what we have for you at

  • Navidad Colpatria