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Hotel Zuetana
Calle 106 A No. 18 A -19, Bogota - Colombia
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Culture and Tourism Advisor


We present different tours that offer an insight into the city:


  • Guided tour to the Historical Center "La Candelaria". Optional visit to different museums: Gold Museum, Casa de la Moneda, Botero´s Museum, Museo de Arte Colonial y Trajes Regionales. Approximate duration: 5 hours.
  • Shopping Tour to the shopping mall Santafé ,that is the biggest of the city and to an Art Crafts center , includes bilingual accompany. Approximate duration: 5 hours.
  • Monserrate is the first symbol of Bogotá. Located at 3.152 m above sea level you can have a wonderful view of Bogotá. You can go in by funicular or cable car.Guided tour.Aproximate duration:3 hours.
  • Night city tour: Includes 93 park and T zone to have a look and feel the city night life with bilingual guide.

 In bogota we also recommend some places we offer a transport service to:

  1. Restaurant Bar " La Barraca" were you can enjoy a beautiful show of Colombian folklore and eat typical food on Wednesday and Thursdays.
  2. Botanical Garden José Celestino Mutis
  3. National Museum
  4. Amusement Park Salitre Mágico
  5. Children's Museum
  6. Maloka and Shopping Center
  7. Planetarium


    Tours outside Bogotá:

    1. Salt Cathedral: discover a place considered the first Colombian marvel and also the beautiful landscapes of La Sabana de Bogota. Located 49km outside the city. Optional lunch in a countryside restaurant. Approx. duration: 5 hours.

    2. Coloma Coffee Plantation in Fusagasuga: learn about the entire coffee process at one of our most traditional coffee farms. The architecture and scenery of the plantation and its surroundings are spectacles which many Colombians and tourists have seen and enjoyed. Altitude:1728 - t°:19°C Distance from Bogotá :aprox. 64 Km.  Lunch in a typical restaurant.  Aprox. duration: 8 hours

    3. Guatavita’s Lagoon: part of Colombia´s cultural and historical heritage and once considered by the Indians to be the ´world´s navel´, it is located just 30 minutes from Bogota. The walk starts at 2,970m above sea level and finishes at the lagoon which is 3,100m above sea level. Tours run from Tuesday to Sunday and last approx. 8 hours.

    4. Tour to the most typical little towns close the north of Bogotá ,like Sopó and Cucunuba. Aprox. duration:8 hours.


    Outside Bogota we also recommend some places we offer a transport service to:

    1. Restaurant and Bar Andrés Carne de Rés for a dance and eat.
    2. Park and zoo Jaime Duque
    3. Park Panaca Sabana
    4. Park Multiparque
    5. All Sundays and holidays journey at "Tren de la Sabana".
    6. All Sundays journay at "Tren de la Montaña".
    7. Salt mines of Nemocón
    8. Park Puente Sopó


    For Zuetana, the most important thing is the customers and for this reason we do all we can to satisfy your needs. All of our tours and services are flexible and can be tailored to your individual needs.

    If you need advise about places to visit, tours and activities, just contact our Tourism and Culture Advisor. Email:

      Culture Activities at Hotel

      • Courtesy local tour.
      • Spanish work shops
      • Fruits and Colombian products tasting.
      • Coffee tasting.
      • Wine tasting.
      • Music,art and dance work shops.
      • We organice birthday parties,anniversaries,etc.

      We aim to achieve all of our guests’ needs and expectations completely.

      * According to availability