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Homeland trip to Colombia

Understanding one's heritage and culture helps explain who we are today.
International adoptees have the heritage and culture of their birth country as well as that of their adopted culture.

They are often curious about their home country. Usually they arrived as babies or toddlers to the country where they grew up, and the memories of how Colombia was, are gone.
Many adults or teens adoptees make a trip to their homeland ; sometimes with a friend, but more often along with the rest of their family.
A journey that takes you back to your home country should be unique and a life-changing experience.
Most of the tours that you can find are not flexible , dates are fixed as well as activities, schedules , even budget.
A trip to discover your birth country is better when is custom made
Every family has different needs, expectations, availability to travel and budget.

Zuetana , that has been hosting families built through adoption since 2001, can now assist you to plan your visit.

Out of our experience we have learned that this trip is not only very important but also could be very emotional for the whole family and gives you opportunities to experience Colombia’s rich culture.

Zuetana offers variety of tours that will make you discover Bogota from the inside.

  • Catedral Bogota
  • hacienda-coloma

Zuetana offers variety of tours that will make you discover Bogota from the inside.

Coffee Tour... forget about Starbucks, Just as in France they do some fancy wine tasting, in Colombia we do fancy coffee tasting, Learn about the cultivation and process of the grain that shook the world’s mornings with its sensual aroma This is basically a must to add to the list.

  • Ajiaco imagen

Colombian cuisine..we can arrange an excellent tour around a fruit & Vegetable market anfa after buying your fresh ingredients, a Local will teach you how to cook a typical Colombian dish. Learn about the rich history of the Colombian Cuisine in an interactive way.

Waterfalls of Tequendama/ Orchids plantation... a day trip to both waterfalls of Tequendama and the Orchids botanical park will take you to this exotic jungle where the most extravagant and rare species of plants grow.

Flea Market... a 20-minute walk from Zuetana will take you to this typical Bogotan Colourful gathering spot where craftsmen sell their creations. This market host live music, street performances and events.

Graffiti tour ... This tour will give you a deep insight in the life of Colombians during the last decades, It is a museum come to life. Enjoy this walk in the downtown.

Some other activities...

  • Visit the Hospital where you were borned
  • Visit the Institution where you spend some time of your life as a child
  • Bogota Walking City tour (downtown)
  • Coffee Tasting
  • Colombian Emeralds tour in Bogota
  • Visit to the Gold Museum and Botero Art Gallery/Museum
  • Magnificent views from the top of Monserrate
  • A train ride to and tour of Zipaquirá (the Salt Cathedral)
  • Visit to local markets for shopping

Many families and adoptees have made this trip and for most it has been a rewarding and enriching experience this is why we encourage you to return and re discover Colombia.

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