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Adopting Families

Zuetana is a hotel chain designed especially for adopting families. We want your stay to progress in the best possible circumstances.

We are experienced towards making your every day life easier and we have a warm family environment appropriate for the development of those first moments with your child.

Our staff are trained and ready to satisfy needs of the families in order to make their stay an unforgettable experience.

At Zuetana we offer:

  1. Strollers and chairs for the comfort and transport of your baby
  2. Refrigerator available to adequately keep the foods and beverages of your children and babies.
  3. Inner game room for children and games in the garden.
  4. Board games for the recreation of parents.
  5. Kitchen available for the preparation of preserves, baby foods and soups.
  6. Cradles and beds for children.
  7. Baby tubs and hand showers in your bathroom.
  8. Sterilizer and baby bottles wash service.
  9. Babysitting services when you need them
  10. Monitors to listen to your baby.
  11. Keep in touch with your loved ones by sending pictures with our scanner and use our web cam to have videoconferences with them and photo printing with memory card reading
  12. Opportunity to discover the city with your child during your free time.
  13. Use our washing machine and dryer machine available for guests.
  14. Wireless internet access
  15. Special events for our guest , typical parties, celebrations, etc.
  16. We are a reliable management always available to our guests needs.
  17. We don't have extra charge paying your bill with credit card.
  18. Free USA and Canadian calls from the front desk


Ask about our special prices for long stays and families plans here.

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Hotel Zuetana
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Skype: reservaszuetana, Whatsapp: +57 313 4990954
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Welcome to Zuetana

Zuetana B & B is a small lodging establishment with 10 private bedrooms that offers overnight accommodation and meals . In Zuetana affordabililty meets service and excelent location in the north area of Bogota.