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Pack of Hours in a Hotel Room - Hotel Zuetana Bogota

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  • Tarifa Horas 4

Enjoy 3 6,or 12 hotel room hours.

Fair price for a few hours Zuetana adapted to your schedules. Our purpose is clear to make you save money , if you just need to stay for few hours in a Hotel room py the right price according to the lenght of your stay.

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  • Tarifa Horas Principal
  • Tarifa Horas 1

Whenever you book a Hotel, they do not care about your plans and make you pay for the whole day or night (you have no other option).
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Hotel Zuetana
Calle 106 A No. 18 A -19, Bogota - Colombia
Skype: reservaszuetana, Whatsapp: +57 313 4990954
Call: +57(1) 814 2828


Welcome to Zuetana

Zuetana B & B is a small lodging establishment with 10 private bedrooms that offers overnight accommodation and meals . In Zuetana affordabililty meets service and excelent location in the north area of Bogota.