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Hotel Zuetana
Calle 106 A No. 18 A -19, Bogota - Colombia
Skype: reservaszuetana, Whatsapp: +57 313 4990954
+57(1) 814 2828



To get to Zuetana only take a taxi authorized by the airport to transport visitors, however what is most advisable is to book in advance transportation when you make your reservation, giving the dates and times of your arrival, flight, etc. So that day you can find a vehicle you can trust waiting for you.

The time will be approximately 1/2 hour between the airport and the hotel.


The safest way to travel within the city is to have a trustworthy vehicle which will charge by hours or based on a destination. It will be available upon your need. You may also travel using a taxi, called by telephone beforehand. In any case we are equipped to solve whatever transportation problem that may arise.