Surrogate Parents

If you plan to build your family through surrogacy in Colombia, let us help you through this journey.


We recognize the journey to parenthood comes with a wide range of emotions and some challenges. Choosing a place to stay is a decision not to be taken lightly.

The average process time in Bogota is 4  to 6 weeks.  You might desire a private, warm, cozy and welcoming accommodation, not any regular hotel or Airbnb.

With only few home-apartments, Zuetana 152 is an intimate and private 2-floor property with a lovely garden and playground for children, created for guests who need to stay in Bogota for a long period of time (weeks or months). If you enjoy the home-like atmosphere and dislike massive crowds and overbearing restrictions, Zuetana 152 is for you. 

We have extensive experience hosting families with babies for more than 19 years. Our supportive staff is here to make sure your needs are met. Our staff is compassionate, sensitive and professional, giving you the discretion and privacy you and your newborn needs

We are located in the northern part of Bogota, in a residential district called Cedritos, a few minutes away (by car) to some private clinics (including Clinic Los Cobos).

We are walking distance to most of the services/businesses you may need on a daily basis (pharmacies, supermarkets, malls, notaries, restaurants, banks, ATH machines, parks etc.)

There are many “to-dos” when preparing for your baby’s arrival. Zuetana can help you with some of the essentials. We provide cozy cribs for the newborn baby, as well as bottle sterilizer, baby bathtubs, a rocking chair of bouncer, infant car seat and baby monitor.

Our home apartments features:

  • Living/dinning room with a TV-set

  • Fully equipped kitchen (refrigerator, coffeemaker, microwave, pots and dishes)

  • Bathroom with shower and hair drier

  • Deposit box

  • Two bedrooms, one with one double standard bed + crib and the other one with 2 single beds /or another double standard bed.

  • Towels and sheets are provided

  • Non-smoking apartments

  • WIFI access


You will have the privacy of your own apartment, while having access to our services and support. You will focus on the issue that really matters, welcoming your child to your lives.

 In short, we pride ourselves in making your stay in Bogota a unique and personalized travel experience. This is why Zuetana is more than just a city accommodation.

If you think Zuetana is the right place to start the journey of building your family in Bogota, please fill out the following form or contact us via whatsapp. We will be pleased to help you. whatsApp  +57 313 499 0954 or send us an Email

Why Zuetana?

Zuetana Home-apartments

  • Flexible check-in and check-out dates; sometimes you cannot control them and we understand that.

  • Family-friendly staff; some of them speak English, Italian and/or French

  • Our staff is compassionate and sensitive, giving you the discretion and privacy you and your family needs.

  • We are local friends that help you on a daily basis. You would probably have several questions about how to navigate a new city. Yes, you can google them, but our assistance is faster and warmer.

  • We provide you with cribs, utensils, toys  for babies/children and a nice garden inside the property.

  • Housekeeping service 3 times per week.

  • Weekly payment; after 20 years we know how the process works and we are very flexible

  • Self-service laundry

Airbnb property or Traditional Hotel

  • Non flexible policies for reservations

  • Massive crowds and overbearing restrictions.

  • Non-compassionate neighbors, that may not understand that children need some time to adapt. 

  • The airbnb host may not meet you personally during the whole stay . You get a code or the key to open the property and that is all. 

  • Most owners of Airbnbs run the properties as a “second or  even third job”. Assisting you is our first and only job.

  • Usually no cribs, or small beds, baby bath tubs etc..are  available (they are not used to host babies or young children )

  • Properties and apartments are for business men or tourist guests. Your needs and expectations as a family with children are quite different

  • No cleaning service is offered during the whole stay in an Airbnb property. 

  • Total payments are required to be done in advance for the whole stay and you do not know the exact dates of your trip. You may risk that if you need to stay longer there will be no availability.

  • In a traditional hotel you cannot cook your own meals and hotel restaurants are expensive for a family with children.

  • Laundry services in Hotels are  usually quite expensive.


Claudia and the staff at Casa Zuetana are knowledgeable, flexible, and caring. 

My son was born via surrogacy in Bogotá. I live in the United States, so the process was naturally stressful for me. When my son was born several weeks early, Claudia moved up my reservation, made sure an English-speaking driver picked me up from the airport (in the middle of the night!), and had breakfast items and nursery water waiting for me in my apartment. This is just one example of the thoughtfulness that the Zuetana staff displayed throughout my visit

Over the next five weeks, Claudia and her staff ensured my family had everything we needed. They assisted us with everything from shopping for groceries to arranging drivers for the baby’s wellness visits to helping us find a passport photographer. I never would have received this level of care or thoughtfulness at a hotel.

My family and I will always remember the hospitality and warmth from the Zuetana staff. They played an important part in the birth of my son, and I will be forever grateful to them. They created priceless memories and experiences that I will share with my son as he grows up.